ArtLab Week 4

Today, our last session was called The Village. Teachers and students met at Spiva. Using drawings from the image bank, they created wall drawings using electrical tape, installed in atypical spaces around the Center. Each team worked collaboratively to design and create a piece. The ArtLab was well-received, and the artists far exceeded my expectations. Congrats!


Anne-Marie Gailey, Carl Junction, teacher 4-5
Anna, grade 5
Angie Helm, Carl Junction, teacher K-1 and 6
Madison, grade 6
Elizabeth Cosby, Carl Junction, teacher 7-8
Brent, grade 7
Antonia Ferlo, Carl Junction, teacher 9-12
Kaelynn, grade 10
Nellie Mitchell, Webb City, teacher K-4
Amber Mintert, Webb City, teacher 9-12
Natalie, Webb City, grade 11
Kathryn, Webb City, grade 12
Gia, Webb City, grade 12
Cole, Webb City, grade 11
Ronda Denton, Carl Junction, teacher 2-3
Amber, Carl Junction, grade 3
Sydney, Carl Junction, grade 3


  1. Josie, this whole initiative looks totally rad. Let me know if you need any help w/r/t designing any promotional materials, or putting the documentation of the project together into some kind of publication (as I think you mentioned).


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