Thank You, Mira

This past week has been historical. It brings to mind how I have evolved, the opportunities I have seized, the teachers in my life. Mira Schor was my instructor at Parsons School of Design. The first few months I'm sure she thought I was a crazy christian country bumpkin. But I went to every show she recommended, every speaker, I wrote like crazy and tuned into every bit of wisdom she had to offer. I came into her class green to the power and recent history of art. I left empowered to contribute my own voice. Mira is a gifted writer, artist and teacher. She said, "My writing is an excuse and a vehicle for my own education". This is how I want to approach writing alongside my art-making. I recently re-listened to a great talk she gave at SVA in 2006 called The Art of Nonconformist Criticality, Or, On Not Drinking the Kool-aid. Any aspiring artist and/or writer should drink this up. It can be found here:

Thanks, Mira. I'm doing it because I saw you doing it.


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    We're planning on coming to see your Art Walk show on the 6th, barring crazy weather. Like tonight!

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