Terry Winters at Matthew Marks

"For me, painting’s capacity to make images through the manipulation of materials seems to be its most powerful and magical quality. How a painting is built is a big part of what it means. Mark-making, gesture and touch—those are the key components as to how to generate images through painting." -Terry Winters

I saw lots of great art during my December 08 NYC trip. More great art than past visits. A month later, I just can't shake Terry's latest show. Knotted Graphs. Large paintings on the white walls of the cavernous Matthew Marks. One solitary bench in the middle. I sat and just watched the paint ebb and flow. Luminous. Transformative. Reminded me of why I love to paint.

Read the interview with him in the Brooklyn Rail, a great magazine. So many fantastic artist and writers in Brooklyn, it's just sick.



  1. thanks for the link to the article. i wish i could sound like that in conversation. i would talk my way out of all kinds of tickets and dinner bills. from now on, i will try to bump the vernacular up a notch or two.

    i did like all the talk in the article about the topology of rocks in ireland and the natural geometry found in caves and crystals and landmasses. honestly, i did not expect all of that from just looking at the painting above and the ones at the top of the article. i do see several dimensions, and i even had this image in my mind of the painter crawling down in between some of those lines to paint up the walls of several knots. thinking that, seeing that, and then reading the artist say that he feels like he works from a place inside the painting, rather than outside, was reassuring somehow that i actually saw the painting. there's so much here, also, in the paintings and the article, about pattern and rhythm - even reaching over to the delta sounds of robert johnson - that are beyond fascinating. rhythm has been a major focal point in my reading and writing lately. i find beautiful waves in the most unlikely literatures.

    this is a great site, josie mai. keep the goodness coming. you're talking about stuff i want and need to know more about.

  2. also, i wanted you to know that the piece you did for our wedding has recently received a plethora of "ooos" and twice as many "aahhhs." just yesterday my friend felix and i stood in front of it for nearly half and hour and he said, "you do this?' and i said, "no, our friend josie made it." and he said, "yeah, it looks professional."

    i forgave him the insinuations.


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