Found Morality

I found a spot of color on the asphalt during my walk today. I usually don't pick up trash, but this was Charlie Brown. I loathe sports analogies, but this one's good. It's not about winning for me, it is about process, about how I play and encouraging the play in others. So imagine my surprise when I turned the card over (context: walking fast, sun going down, Fishbone's Fight the Youth in my earbuds) and saw a disgruntled Snoopy. He's encouraging Woodstock to be an asshole. Well, that's my take, coming from a liberal pacifist. So is this a card in a child's game? Are we supposed to choose one scenario over the other? Play fair AND fight back? Maybe Calvin and Hobbes would have something to say about it...


  1. i always thought snoopy and peppermint patty were the most punk rock of the peanuts gang. even as a kid, i thought that ol' chuck could take lessons from the two of them about how to wear his vertebrae. these cards prove my initial suspicions all along.

  2. Can't you play fair and not let anyone push you around and not be an asshole? I think it's possible, though difficult. And I miss Calvin and Hobbes...


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